One of the best things about the indie horror fiction scene is the rise of the horror novella. Here are some shorter books that you can read in a day or two!

Below by Laurel Hightower

1408 in a cave with Mothman, kinda. It’s got perfect short chapters, each ending in a setup for various horrors in the dark.

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Go Down Hard by Ali Saey

Super readable with quick focused chapters that switch between two serial killers who live next door to each other. Buy Go Down Hard on Amazon

With Teeth by Brian Keene

Incredibly violent, feral vampires.

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The Worm and His Kings by Hailey Piper

Cosmic horror in 1990s New York City sewers.

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Waif by Samantha Kolesnik

It’s got a clandestine plastic surgeon named Mince; cmon, that’s pretty good.

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Night of the Mannequins by Stephen Graham Jones

Nothing sells this book better than its incredible opening sentence:

So Shanna got a new job at the movie theatre, we thought we’d play a fun prank on her, and now most of us are dead, and I’m really starting to feel kind of guilty about it all.

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